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Questions Most Commonly Asked To Us


Who is everyone in your family?

Se the page named 'About Us' for more details. You can also learn more by subscribing to our channels via YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook where you can see us in action.

You really have 8 people and a dog that travel in a RV?

Yes, from time to time, we take family adventures to new places. It is hard to travel with a large family - hotel rooms, costs, packing, traveling, etc... So we asked ourselves, "how could we do this with the 8 of us?" The RV really is the answer for us when we go on a vacation, get away, or just a weekened excursion. It allows to have a place that goes with us, a place to sleep+eat, and serve as our home base. It also allows us to visit the world and family without imposing 8 new visitors to stay at your house! :)

What do your children do for school when you travel?

Most of the time they are in local school. When we are going to be out for a while though, we home school our children with a variety of methods based on their age and interests. The younger children often are on iPads using it to complete their online assignments. The older children complete their schooling via their local online program to continue with their schooling. In addition to the classroom and online setting, we also let them learn experientially through our travels. It makes a big impression of what they learn, remember, and relate to via hands on memories.


What is Early Onset Parkinsons Disease?

Parkinson's Disease is one of the fastest growing diseases in the world. It is most commonly thought of as a disease for the elderly. However, Early Onset Parkinson's has been known to start in the 20's (in rare cases). There is no known cure or cause at the current time. As a matter of fact, before you even are aware of the first symptom, specialists say that it has already been in your body for years and that ~80% of it has already occurred. Although each patient's symptoms will vary, there are common one's such as: involuntary tremors, fatigue, loss of dopamine to the brain, balance, cognitive and memory issues, and many others. There are some great organizations that exist to help fund, learn, and research Parkinson's Disease. Visit the Michael J Fox Foundation, the Parkinson's Foundation, and the American Parkinson's Disease Associaton. A few popular invidividuals known with Parkinson's Disease are Muhammad Ali (Athlete), Michael J. Fox (Actor), Neil Diamond (Singer), Charles Schultz (Peanuts), George W. Bush (President), and Robin Williams (Comedian/Actor).

What do you do for work?

We mostly work from home. When we do travel though we have the option to take work with us. WiFi has become one of our foundational requirements after food, shelter, and sleep! :) Michelle is pursuing her PhD in Education; she is in the process of writing her thesis, so she can do that where she prefers. She also is an adjunct faculty for some online courses at various universities. Doug works in a remote capacity. He occassionally does travel onsite for client related work, but the rest of his work time is spent on a laptop, iPhone, and online meeting tools to connect with his team and clients.

What are some of the things you have learned while doing this?

You may think that there are not that many people who do use an RV. We were surprised to learn that many people have RV's for travel, but also that many people also use them to live in year round! Currently in the USA, there is a significant movement for people to have a "tiny house", a "location independent lifestyle", or to avoid having a large debt via a mortgage. Whatever your reason, there are options. We learned best by watching a lot of other RVers (is that a word?). Check out YouTube for many families that share their stories and how-to tips and tricks. A few to name that we like: 'Knorp and South' and 'Keep Your Daydream (KYD)' are some of the best ones we really enjoy. The best way to learn is through simply trying - you can learn a lot by failing faster and getting your hands on the functions!

What do you recommend if we wanted to travel in an RV as well?

First, understand that this may not be for everyone; have you ever camped before or are you more of a 'Holiday Inn Camper'? Second, plan out how/when/where you want to travel in a broad sense to have some sense of whtat you will need. Lastly, visit RV dealers, camp grounds, and shows to learn more about what is out there for your needs. Perhaps even rent a RV before making your choice to see what it is like. The right RV makes all the difference in your travels, happiness, and comfort! There are so many types of them to choose from that you have to study and see them to make the best decision. Before you start, make a list of the goals or key items you want to be able to do while traveling and this will help make an informed decision along the way.


Where did you go first on your trip?

About 25 miles away from home! Seriously. It is great practice and an opportunity to learn in a comfort zone before you extend out too far away. Try it out - you will learn so many things about your RV, things you need to have, and how camping can be a whole new experience.

Where have you been on your journey?

Remember when you were a kid and your family loaded up the car to go somewhere? We started out with the intent to just see some favorite places and visit family. Then our goals broadened and we wanted to introduce our children to other things as well - new foods, people and their culture, different religions, historical sites, and US parks and monuments. Over time, our RV map just grew and grew. The more we visited, the more we wanted to see more. Eventually, the map filled in and we have almost seen every state. The only ones remaining will be Hawaii and Alaska, but that does not mean we won't pursue them. We just have to figure out how to get the RV to Hawaii! :)

Where will you live when you are done with the adventure?

Honestly, we do not know. We are going to have to figure that out when a few things happen first: 1. Michelle completes her PhD. 2. Doug supports his mother in hospice and handles her affairs afterwards. Those are some of the key factors that will help us determine our final location. Have any recommendations - send them our way on our ' Contact Us' page.

Where are you from?

Good Question...Our Home is Where We Park It. Michelle grew up in the military, so she traveled all over America and Europe. She has so many great memories of those places that she got to experience and the people she became friends with along the way. Doug was born in the Midwest of America, but then raised in Texas when his parents relocated. We met each other in Colorado Springs by complete chance and the rest is history!

What are some of your favorite places along the way?

So many places, so much to see, so many memories! We loved a lot of the places we have visited thus far. We also learned along the way that there are also some places we didn't like as much as we thought we would. Here is a listing of some of our favs so far: - Niagra Falls - Destin Beach and the A-30 highway area in FL, but not in the summer! - Nashville, TN - Boston, MA - NYC to visit, but not to live - All of the US National Parks (Yosemite, Badlands, Everglades, Moab, etc...) - Anywhere there is a Children's Literature museum (Dr. Seuss, Eric Carlse, National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature, Mazza Museum, ...) - Key West's clear blue tropical waters - Home!


When did you start this adventure?

Soon after Doug was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, we found our selves thinking about the future and what we are doing now. This could be the best chance for Doug to share the world with his family. So, why not now? We started living the theme of, "Someday is Today!"


Why did you choose to do this adventure?

Soon after Doug was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, we found our selves thinking about the future and what we are doing now. This could be the best chance for Doug to share the world with his family. So, why not now? It also allowed for our family to spend some great quality time with Doug's mother before she passed away. They really got to know each other and have some great memories over some key holidays before she passed away. We started living the theme of, "Someday is Today!"

Would you do this again if you could?

Yes! But, no. :) Would we do this again with a teenager? little kids? We found that it is a very different experience with these 2 different age groups. Teenagers are focused on things outside of the family circle - social status, dating, cars, friends, ... Younger children are totally engaged and excited to see new things all the time. Michelle and I both think that we would do it again - one day, maybe when we are retired. We could have a small RV and travel to visit our grandkids, our children, friends and family, and continue our adventures abroad.


How big is your RV?

It is a beast! At 44' feet long, it has 3 axles and requires a strong truck to successfully pull the rig. It is a '5er' or 5th wheel that attaches to the truck to be pulled along with us. BIG family = BIG RV

How do you get mail?

We get our mail just like you. Except, our mail get's scanned for us to view online in our account instead of picking it up at the mailbox. If we need a physical copy of the documents, they can send those to us as well. Packages? oh yeah, we get those too. Sometimes, like for holidays or birthdays, we order and have it shipped directly to the RV camp ground we will be at.

How do you plan where you are going?

Michelle is the planner type of personality. When we first started, she would plan it all out weeks ahead at a time. However, we quickly became more spontaneous as we found that we liked certain places more than anticipated, so we stayed longer. Our approach remained the same through out our journey - counter clock wise of the weather. This meant that we would go opposite of the seasonal weather patterns. Florida in February, New England in the Spring, Midwest outside of Tornado Alley time, and so on. We use so many apps on our phones to help us navigate and find locations to stay.