About The Florys

 To Know Us, Hover Over Us

This is Doug. He is a tall, gentle, quiet guy with a soft spot for kids and dogs. He was diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease      recently which made him                re-evaluate life and stop waiting for some future point to show the world to his children. He loves a variety of foods and trying new types of food. He does a great job taking care of all of us. He often feels like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders, but is stronger than he gives himself credit.



This is Michelle and has a big smile on her face anytime she’s near the ocean. She grew up all around the world in the army and enjoys hotels more than camping. She plans the travel routes and excursions we go on, and loves the full time traveling life... except for cooking in an RV for a large family.


She is finishing up her PhD dissertation and works as a college professor of Children’s Literature. Michelle also has her own page related to all things Children's Literature, teaching how to read, and more. Check it out here:




This is our 16 year old, Carter. He likes to have tall hair. He has the hugest imagination ever and has notebooks full of ideas of things to write and create and draw. He is thinking about going to college for a degree in film and over-analyzes movies like a pro. We imagine he’ll be a film director one day. He is a great sport traveling the country, even though it’s not his favorite. He has discovered a great talent in photography and has enjoyed practicing his driving skills to obtain his drivers license.


The Bear, Cookie Monster

This is our only girl, Haleigh, who is now 13. She often gets asked, “What’s it like with 5 brothers?” and she answers with a 🙄 She is very social and loves to do musically lip sincs. She describes herself as an anxious person but has learned that she gets nervous at new situations but then pushes past the fear to enjoy new things. She has ziplined, climbed, snorkeled, and swam some cool places even though she was terrified at first. She has done a terrific job at online school by learning some great studying skills and is almost done with all her classes three months before summer! Dad keeps a close eye on her because he’s awaiting the day 👹 that all the boyfriends will arrive because she is absolutely gorgeous but doesn’t know it yet.


Our Lucky Lady Bug

This is Miles full of smiles. He is 10 and our shyest kid, until you get to know him! He hates loud noises, and being dirty and is very afraid mom is going to make him move to the beach with all that sticky sand! He likes to take things apart and fix things, and is the #1 finder of lost things. He is gentle, and soft spoken and a lot like his Dad. But beware of playing a game with him because he is very, very competitive! He loves homeschooling the most and can answer all of our technology issues.


Miles of Smiles

This is Louis. He wants to go to Louisville and loves Louisiana. He is 8 and has got about 4 wiggly teeth bothering him. He jokes that we always lose him or forget him when we go places. (Okay... there was that one time)...He is the most social of us and is genuinely curious about the world. Sometimes he can’t sleep at night because he is thinking of huge ideas like “Why is there war?” and “How many more colors could there be in the world?” He is very smart, and thoughtful, and friendly. He can sing any tune after hearing it once plus loves to joke and dance and laugh a lot! 🕺


The Lion

This is Quiet Wyatt. He is 7 and in first grade. He has puppy dog eyes 🐶 that will get mom and dad to cave in on everything. Seriously... this kid is adorable! He loves to collect seashells and stick as many grapes in his mouth as he can fit. A new trait we’ve discovered on our trip is that although he is very shy, he is incredibly brave. Wherever we go, he’s the first one to try new experiences, new foods, or new things with no fear.


Quiet Wyatt, Super Y

This is Mighty Max. He is 6 and is in kindergarten. Although he is he smallest, he is the toughest of us all and we are secretly scared of him. J/K 😂 His personality is huge and we love having him entertain us all the time. He is learning to read, count to 100, loves lighthouses and water towers. He is at that cute age when he’ll spontaneously tell you he loves you, like the other day when he was on the toilet and told Carter very seriously, “Carter, I love you".  He definitely lives life to the Max!


Mighty Max

Willy likes to stick his head out the window, play with his stuffed monkey toy, and exploring new parks. He is named after Doug's favorite movie, "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" with Gene Wilder. Look at him - he is so cute, snuggly, and fun. This guy gets more likes than any of us!  :)

Willy Wonka

Adventure Dog